Movie Day!

I am working on a very exciting piece right now (Yay me!)! The downside is, there isn’t a whole lot of time to put together my regular content (Boooo). I still have my ear to the ground on VR news! Be sure to check out my twitter feed on the side of the page! And Continue reading


Today’s Tl;dr is going to bring you to tears, I kid you not. VR Scout is basically a gold mine of rich and fascinating VR related news, and this latest article by Presley West provides us with the clearest example of how VR can provide an avenue of accessibility we only really imagined up until this point. Presley’s article, This Continue reading

Questions From My Mom

I’ve been immersed in learning about VR tech in the past little while, and I have picked up quite a lot! So much so I think I’ve entered the echo chamber of VR experts selling their amazing ideas to other VR experts, all of them waiting for these incredible technologies to break into people’s every Continue reading