Learning VR: How Do I Start?

Since falling in love with this technology, I have been trying to find ways to create and learn about VR. I am a mere arts major- and terrible at math- but I am a slogger! So I am doing it the old fashioned way- cheating off of other’s hard work!!

But where to start? Took me a while to find a ‘how to’ list for my VR-learning-sojourn-of-truth. But Alan Smithson, VR/AR Expert – CEO at MetaVRse tells us all how to get into the biz with this short and doable list.

Tl;dr? Come ooon, it’s only a page, and you won’t regret looking around that site- truly stunning. Fiiiiiiiiiiine, here’s our homework:

And that’s a good starting point. If you want your complete to do list ahead of schedule, just go click the link to the article above or here. I, for one, am going to be moving slow and steady, and will be posting my progress here so you can learn from my pitfalls.

Tomorrow- VR/360° terminology in the popular media and why it is making us all look very silly to smart people. And why we don’t have to care. Stay tuned!