Questions From My Mom

I’ve been immersed in learning about VR tech in the past little while, and I have picked up quite a lot! So much so I think I’ve entered the echo chamber of VR experts selling their amazing ideas to other VR experts, all of them waiting for these incredible technologies to break into people’s every day life. I needed to come back to reality for air.

And so, I did what any sensible woman would do when they have a retired professional, educator, and fairly tech savvy woman at their disposal- I asked my mom.

I had it all planned out too- I was going to talk to her about all of the twitter articles I had been sharing and discuss their potential with her. I had quickly forgotten what it was like to be me two weeks ago- just the vaguest idea that VR visors were expensive and I didn’t really have time in my life for VR games. Well, my mom is that without the added benefit of being a sci-fi fan with a pop-VR education. So these are questions my mother posed to me to pose to you: the people with the answers. Here they are!

  • What is VR’s role in education? How are they going to bring the technology to schools, and how will they help to educate?
  • What is VR’s role in the job market? Will it create new jobs? How will it benefit existing jobs?
  • If you were to meet a complete novice, what are the top three things YOU would want them to know about VR?

So there you have it- people out there would love answers to these questions! Well, my mom would anyway. Feel free to add your answers in the comments section!