Tl;dr: Featured articles and brief summaries

VR news flies faster than an army of seekers at a Quidditch tournament. It’s a nearly impossible job to keep up with it all! Since I never sleep, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some articles I find interesting, in the hopes you find them interesting! I’ll give you a brief rundown of my impressions, but if something has caught your interest, please follow the links and get learning! The tech is here, now let’s see what it can do for us!

First look: David Smith, Deputy Editor of Business Insider (@businessinsider ‪@SAI‪@techinsider) In his article titled It sounds like augmented reality will be the signature feature of the iPhone 8  David Smith lets us in on what he knows about the coming iPhone 8. In short:

  • It’s going to be over a thousand dollars. (maybe we can remortgage our houses?)
  • It’s got a newOLED screen which is significant to users because: better picture quality, better power efficiency, and faster response time
  •  Apple is working on a 3D laser system to incorporate AR or Augmented Reality  : to me that means I will be able to look at VR websites on my phone I can’t afford! Yays!
  • And, here’s the best part!! “the iPhone 8’s front-facing camera will also have a laser system”: That basically means you can take vacation photos, selfies, pictures of your cat, what have you and share them with your loved ones and give them the feel that they are actually there with you! That’s not just neat, that is technology enhancing our communities!


So that’sDave Smith’s article in short- what else is out there?


Second look: Justin Francis, CEO Responsible Travel

In Justin’s article,How Zoos Will Look in the Future  he tells us about how VR tech might make us more responsible travellers in a future where we visit zoos through an experience called izoo- VR for zoo-goers. He’s really quite passionate about this idea: read his open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook if you want to know how passionate. In short:

  • He references growing concerns about captive wildlife. Personally, I loved The Life of Pi – zoos are fascinating!
  • His vision: “Field conservationists, biologists and researchers can be beamed directly from the savannah or the rainforest and onto large screens at iZoo. The audience can then ask questions which will flash up on the screen, while the conservationists’ answers will explain the challenges and benefits of conservation.”
  • There is nothing available to use just yet, but it sounds like a very reqarding idea!! Can’t wait to watch it develop!

(An aside- in my social media travels I bumped into a student doing work on his thesis. All I know about him is his twitter handle and that he has something clever up his sleeve. Hmmmm. Anyway, he is @VR_Travelling on twitter. There or here  You can take part in a survey about Virtual Reality and Traveling. I haven’t taken it yet, but I will soon and I will tell you all about it! )


Third look:  Andrew London , Staff writer for @TechRadar writes about one of those Life Saving Innovations VR can bring us. In his article Oculus has created a pediatric surgery simulation , Tim writes about a project Oculus is currently working on. In short:

Thanks Tim!


Last but never, ever least- what is Zuck up to these days? Peter Rubin gives his thoughts in his article Facebook’s Bizarre VR App Is Exactly Why Zuck Bought Oculus If anyone has insights into the inner workings of Zuck’s mind I would loooove to know! So what does Mr. Rubin have to say? In short:

  • Facebook bought Oculus in 2014- (Zuck made/owns/rules-with-iron-fist Facebook)
  • He bought it for two billion dollars
  • Seriously, Two. Billion. Dollars.  As a start-up
  • He’s hoping to make VR a social experience. Gasp, never saw that coming
  • And it was all based on his love of pandas.

Thanks Peter!! Give Peter a follow on his twitter @provenself, and while you’re at it, follow  for Wired magazine!


Well that is more than enough information for day one of Tl;dr. Back tomorrow with more of the same thing! May all of your VR dreams come true in Real Reality!