Today’s Tl;dr is going to bring you to tears, I kid you not. VR Scout is basically a gold mine of rich and fascinating VR related news, and this latest article by Presley West provides us with the clearest example of how VR can provide an avenue of accessibility we only really imagined up until this point. Presley’s article, This Mom Used VR to Open Up New Worlds for Her Son, tells us about a talented young man named Tim and how his mother Liz (moms are the best, right?) is using VR technology to bring the world to him. In short:

  • Tim is not mentally impaired, but physically- he has an “extremely rare genetic disorder’ called Lesch Nyhan
  • Tim likes the movie Pulp Fiction! Tim seems pretty rad.
  • Tim is a writer and film maker. Yeah, it’s official. Tim is definitely rad.
  • Liz spoke with her friend Pam Huling (@PamHuling on twitter) who is COO of Blue Chalk Media, an “award winning non-fiction production company”.
  • After what I can only assume was an eye opening discussion about the accessibility potential of VR (my two cents, no eye-opening convo was mentioned directly), they captured Tim’s first VR experience on film.
  • Since the release of the film, “Tim has been offered a Hollywood reading of his screenplay, [and] custom technology that can help physically support him”.

If you are curious about accessibility and VR, I recommend you follow #AXSChat on twitter- there is a continuous and lively discussion going on there about how to use VR open the world to the accessibly challenged.


Next, Theo Valich of  VR World, writes about a clever use of VR the French cooked up in his article French Railways SNCP Adopts Skylight’s VR Headsets. Kudos, guys! In short:

  • Skylight is a “VR turn-based tactics game of colossal space battles” according to their page on the Oculus main site (Oculus is the Big Daddy of VR gear after Zuck bought them in 2014).
  • SNCP is “adding Virtual Reality on its Paris – Milan route”: a 7 hour trip on a bullet train (!)
  • According to the press release, “this all-in-one entertainment solution is developed by Franco-American company SkyLights to transform the on board customer experience. It includes lightweight and comfortable VR headsets, noise cancelling headphones and a Hollywood content catalog to ensure total passenger immersion.”

I think we are a while away before VR tech becomes common place in, say, public transit, but it’s nice to know it’s on the move.


Next, omg holy cats, I am so excited, Ready Player One is coming to theatres!! Ready Player One is a dystopian sci-fi novel based in a world where Real Reality is misery and poverty for the majority of the planet So people turn to Virtual Reality for education, socialization, wealth, money, glory and fame by playing VR video games!! Ernest Cline wrote the book in 2011, I picked it up maybe three years ago, and I fell in love! Here is a link that may or may not support this page if you buy from there (assuming I set things up correctly!). If that doesn’t work or you are not Canadian, here is a link to the page.

Anyway, Steven Spielberg has adapted the book into a movie!! So read that book before it comes out- you won’t regret it!  Dan Auty (mildly terrifying profile page) of Game Spot shows us our first sneak peak into the movie adaptation in his article See First Image From Spielberg’s Virtual Reality Thriller Ready Player One. In short:

  • Dan lets us in on the sneak peak with an image first published in Entertainment Weekly
  • Here is a link to that image
  • The movie stars Tye Sheridan playing the role of Wade Watts, impoverished young disenfranchised youth struggling to make it in both the real world and the virtual world. And he has a Quest!!
  • Steven Spielberg is clearly a man of refined taste, as he says in an interview with Collider last year, ” the ’80s [were] a great time to grow up. I think one of the reasons I decided to make the movie was that it brought me back to the ’80s and lets me do anything I want. Except with my own movies.”

Yes, Steven, the 80’s were great. Well, for me, anyway- jazzercize!!


Last but not least, it’s always best to keep an eye on that rascal Zuck and see what he’s been up to, since he is basically in all of our living rooms now. Aaron. T or James Seaton tells us in his article Facebook Hints At S$300 VR Headset For The Masses, well, that Zuck thinks the masses can afford to spend $300 on VR gear. Is Zuck out of touch or am I just really broke? Anyway, in short:

  • The headset is of course from Oculus. If you are not clear who or what an Oculus is (not an eyeball), you really should be. I’m linking it twice- it’s important, trust me.
  • Details are scant
  • Really, that’s it

Well I hope that this instalment of Tl;dr satisfied your craving for VR news! More tomorrow, of course, and every day thereafter. May all your VR dreams come true in Real Reality. Cheers!