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Fellow Canuck, Torontonian, VR Expert, CEO of MetaVRse, and man of a thousand titles- Alan Smithson has created some fabulously cool stuff for us Canadians to enjoy. As it says above, get your photo taken in MetaVRse’s VR photobooth in places around the world, see it right away, and share it on Facebook. I cannot wait to see this tech expand all across the globe! Shiny, right?


On to business!! Scott Hayden, writer for Road to VR, tells us about a charming way the service industry is making training less gruelling for employees in his article This Restaurant is Using Google Daydream to Train Employees. Definitely could have used this while I was working my way through University. In short:

  • Honeygrow, a restaurant in Philadelphia, “is using a VR app that weaves together 360 video and interactive elements to teach new employees how to do their job.”
  • The app was created by Klip Collective, an experimental art shop in Philadelphia
  • VR employee training is presented with a combination of “live action” (possibly Real Reality?) with 2D and 3D animations and an interactive game.
  • They developed this app for Google Daydream. Daydream is a VR platform designed for use with the Google Daydream Headset (buying from that link may support my blog, but if you are not a Canadian, here is the link). Write that name in your notebook, guys- it’s important.
  • No news yet on how the employees feel about the program, but really, with all of that neato involved in on-the-job training, how could you not enjoy yourself?

My two cents- until there are employee reviews of the product we can’t know for sure if it is an effective training tool or an adorable time waster between minimum wage earners and the tips they depend on. I am cautiously optimistic, with an emphasis on the caution side of things.


Speaking of making jobs less of a living hell, Bloomberg Technologies Selina Wang’s (@Selina_y_wang on twitter) article This AR Headset Could Replace Your Cubicle with Holograms shows us how the San Francisco based start-up Meta is trying to improve the quality of life for white collar workers caged in cubicles (I have clearly seen Office Space too many times, and so should you!). In short:

  • Meta is “a San Francisco startup that makes augmented reality headsets that overlay holographic images on the real world”.
  • It’s basically a VR user interface- you can do most, if not all, of the stuff you can do on a regular computer in a VR setting.
  • ‘Meta founder and Chief Executive Officer Meron Gribetz, is determined to end what he calls the “tyranny of the modern office” by replacing monitors, keyboards and eventually even cubicles with augmented reality.’ And I kind of love him a little for that!
  • His own employees are his test subjects.

I can’t wait to try out VR user interfaces. And I think it is sensible to use technologies you feel might improve the quality of work life for your employees in your company if you invented the software. But, as I am feeling a little skeptical today, I feel like an employee whose job doesn’t rely on some degree of compliance would be a more sensible test subject for an emerging innovation. I eagerly await to see if this new technology lives up to its promise.


Next, both my news source crush VR Scout and Upload VR write on the subject of Mira VR’s new and very affordable VR gear! VR Scout writer Jonathan Nafarrete is full of sunshine about the product in his article, This $99 AR Headset Is A Game Changer. Upload VR’s David Jagneaux is less full of sunshine and more full of intrigue-lite with his article titled Hands-On: The Mira Prism Headset Wants To Be The Google Daydream Of AR. Juicy! In short:

  • The Prism AR headset is $99!!!!! I peed myself a little when I read that! and it includes a remote control!
  • it is an AR headset. Not a VR headset. AR stands for Augmented Reality and differs slightly from Virtual Reality in ways that are pretty insignificant to plebeians like myself. But augmented means ‘improved’ and virtual means ‘may as well be’, so there is a bit of a difference there? I use them interchangeably, but I may be more accurate as I learn more.
  • Mira is co-founded by Ben Taft and Matt Stern
  • Mira produced the whole thing in stealth mode. I guess that makes them developer ninjas.
  • Mira uses iPhone for their interface- I can’t read the future, but the present of VR is in phones according to an article by Peter Graham of VR Focus.
  • Jonathan is quite taken with the aesthetics of the gear: David, less so.

Well that is setting a standard for affordable VR or AR gear! But, of course, we have to see what Zuck has to say on the matter tomorrow!


In the article Renewables Sector Embraces the Promise of Virtual Reality, Jason Deign tells us about how a lab in Fife, Scotland is using VR technology to train their offshore turbine technicians. In short:

  • ORE Catapult along with Scottish public-private initiative the Energy Skills Partnership and animation studio Animmersion U.K. invented the training simulations.
  • There is a virtual model of a real life turbine situation for technicians to train with.
  • They are working on a simulation for the inside of the turbine!! Imagine being inside a real turbine for a second!
  • It addresses the issue of accessibility of turbines for training students by giving them an alternative..

My two cents- I love software, I love VR, I love clean energy. What with all the GLOBAL WARMING (yes, I said it, I meant it, and if you disagree feel free to start a lively discussion in the comments below!) destroying our planet, investments in clean energy of any kind aren’t just smart because they are the next logical step, they are the only ethical option.


Well that was today’s addition of Tl;dr- more tomorrow, hopefully a little earlier! Take care, and may all your Virtual Reality dreams come true in Real reality.



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  1. I am also very much a novice when it comes to VR and I love what I am learning reading your article summaries. I don’t have the time to read a lot of articles myself and these synopses help to steer me in directions I might want to take. (Love the sidebars!!) TY

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